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Fuji X100F Accessories

Don FitzsimmonsDon Fitzsimmons

When I buy a new camera, I can't just leave it at that. No, there are essential accessories that I must blow my hard earned money on. For the X100F, there are 4 key items I required and a few that were optional. I'm going to post the exact product links below to all of these items because they're the very products I bought from Amazon.

1) LCD Protector

With any new camera, I have a certain fear that the screen is going to get scratched or nicked before I have the chance to buy a proper screen protector. I purchased my X100F at a local camera store and they didn't have screen protectors. So I immediately added one to my Amazon cart when I got home and sweated it out, a ball of nerves and anxiety, awaiting that 2 day Prime shipping and hoping my LCD would remain pristine in the mean time. This is the LCD protector I settled on:

What can I say? It's a fairly robust piece of glass and works well. I no longer have LCD anxiety and that's what really matters.

2) Thumb Rest

For me, this is essential, if only to keep me from accidentally hitting the damn Q button with my thumb. But really, a thumb rest makes holding this camera so much more secure. It's a nice natural feel that's down right comfortable. I know there are some high-dollar thumb rests out there, but I'm not going to drop $59.00 on a gently curved piece of aluminum. I opted for the cheaper version, one that I previously bought for my X100 and it's great. Only cost about $8.00. Here's the link:

4) Lens Hood

Let me begin by saying something controversial: I don't use UV filters and I think they're worthless (I'll write a blog about that soon). I use a lens hood to protect my glass and I really like Fuji's X100 hood. When I bought my original X100 used, it came with the Fuji branded hood, which is nice (also has a nice black velvet bag..special). But, I'm cheap and wasn't going to pay a premium for the tiny print on the hood that says Fuji when I can buy nearly the exact same hood from JJC for $13.00. And, the only reason I was buying another hood was because my X100F is black and my X100 (and hood) are silver. I require matching colors. When putting this hood next my silver Fuji hood, they look identical. Here's the link:

4) Additional Batteries

Battery life is one of the big improvements on the X100F, but let's be honest, you don't want to run out of juice while shooting and battery anxiety is real. Also, Fuji batteries are expensive. Maybe Fuji batteries last longer or perform better, I'm not sure, but I have had great luck with Wasabi Power batteries with my Sony and Canon cameras. Great batteries at a great price. My set came with a dual charger too (not pictured below), which I really like. Product link:

Option 1: Camera Strap

Every camera comes with a strap. Okay, every camera comes with a crappy, itchy, stiff, clunky strap. That's why we photography nerds waste tons of money trying various aftermarket straps. I have been through more straps than I care to count (its' shameful). Ultimately, I settled on the Peak Design Leash. It's thin, soft, versatile and not terribly expensive. I also like the quick disconnect so I can ditch the strap easily when I don't need it. Here's the link:

Option 2: A Bag

Like straps, I have a closet full of camera bags. That too is worth another blog post. The X100 series is tough when it comes to bags. It's such a small camera, you almost don't need one and most bags are too big for this small camera. After trying several, I settled on a cheap one that's about the size of a lunch box. It's still too big really, but it fits my cleaning kit, spare batteries, charger and eventually will house the 50mm extender. Here it is:

Oh the money I've wasted on camera accessories. I have no regrets. It's all part of the program. Anyway, these are the exact products I purchased for my X100F and I'm happy with them. Time to stop spending money and make some images.

I'm a software developer and photography enthusiast. I'm into street and documentary photography mostly. I'm also a co-founder of Gear Offer: